When attention to detail becomes an obsession

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I want to start today’s post with a quote I have found very useful lately. ‘Don’t let perfection become procrastination.’ Danielle LaPorte A natural part of getting more and more skilled at a craft or art form is that you become better at spotting the ‘mistakes’. Your eye gets trained in seeing the parts where […]


Perfectionism – good or bad for business?

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May 16th: I’m planning the launch of my new website, the one that’s going to host the universe about ending the starving artist era. There’s going to be tips about how to boost your business as a creative solo-preneur, a makers confessions blog section about all aspects of being a designer-maker, crafter and creative such […]


How to cure newsletter procrastination in 5 minutes!

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Imaging you’re sitting in front of your computer – you’re about to write a newsletter. You have your topic – you know your stuff, but you’re hands are clammy and you’re not sure what words to use, it’s like the sentences keep coming out the wrong way. That was me a year ago – I […]