Perfectionism – good or bad for business?

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May 16th: I’m planning the launch of my new website, the one that’s going to host the universe about ending the starving artist era. There’s going to be tips about how to boost your business as a creative solo-preneur, a makers confessions blog section about all aspects of being a designer-maker, crafter and creative such […]


Improve your drawing skills in one week

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During the past 2 weeks I’ve been talking about drawing, why it’s important and given you a digital tool you can test out. Now it’s time for some action! Because as you probably know knowledge doesn’t change your world, if it stays in your head…. Action does! Here’s what Jeweller Michele Kurpisz told me recently, after I […]

Lets start an Innovation!

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As a designer – silversmith I like to think of my work as part of something that can change the world. Not in a “I’m going to invent the wheel” kind of way, but in a “I’m observant and note new tendencies in society, and use them to create new solutions” kind of way. We […]