Can you run out of ideas?

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I was watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk the other day, the one where she talks about creative inspiration as something divine. Something that comes to us. I really enjoyed her talk and I love her humour, but I only partly agree with her. I think inspiration starts out as being something we ‘get’, something that […]


How to make your designs un-copy-able

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When I was at the Royal College of Art, my professor – David Watkins, always use to say, that it didn’t matter if other people did the same kind of things you did – you just had to make it yours. How do you make it yours? It’s got to do with the source. Where […]


The secret to creating unique designs

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Ever felt scared that the work you create might look like it’s inspired by someone else’s work? I mean, you know it’s not, but maybe you get a lot of ‘oh, your work reminds me so much of so and so’s work’ comments from people? I know I’ve had a ton of those comments. Sometimes it’s […]

How are you practicing your creative muscle?

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If you’re an artist, a designer or craftsman, you’re probably trying to make a living from your ideas. Getting really top quality ideas – every time – can be challenging, especially if you’re only relying on inspiration. I’d like to share a quote with you from Thomas Edison – he was the guy that invented […]

The Design Process

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Did you ever wonder what the design process might look like? Well, I’ve given it a go in this little animation, explaining the different stages you go through from before the idea all the way through to finished design.   Click here to tweet about it!