Why reinvent the wheel?

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When I’m about to start a new project, one that requires new designs, I’m often hit by doubts. Not in my ability as a designer-maker, but more in terms of ‘Who needs another _____?’ Haven’t we got enough spoons, bowls, bags, belts, jewellery, mugs, scarf’s, hats, clothes, shoes, you name it already? And how would […]

Money Motivation

Is money part of your creative motivation?

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In these times of financial daze, or maybe I should just say that people have a harder time grabbing the cash in their pockets and spending it on something from the top section of Marslow’s pyramid of needs, where most creatives have their offerings(!) – there’s a tendency amongst the creative people to focus on […]


My top 3 tips on how to be more creative

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I’m going to just cut right to the point and ask you: How much time have you spend last week getting lost in creation, putting ideas and concepts together in a new way? In other words: do you spend as much time as you’d like on being creative? And I’m not talking making, creating something […]


What is creativity?

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I often hear people say that they don’t possess the power of creativity. ‘Oh, but I’m not creative!’  It makes me a bit sad when people say that – because what does it mean to be creative? It seems to me many people link it to being able to make something with you hands – […]


Why it’s important you design

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I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about if the designs and pieces you’re creating makes a difference? I do from time to time. I sometimes take myself in comparing the importance of what I’m doing, to …. say a doctor! Ever been there? I can’t recommend going there – at all! It’s not a healthy […]

Lets start an Innovation!

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As a designer – silversmith I like to think of my work as part of something that can change the world. Not in a “I’m going to invent the wheel” kind of way, but in a “I’m observant and note new tendencies in society, and use them to create new solutions” kind of way. We […]

How are you practicing your creative muscle?

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If you’re an artist, a designer or craftsman, you’re probably trying to make a living from your ideas. Getting really top quality ideas – every time – can be challenging, especially if you’re only relying on inspiration. I’d like to share a quote with you from Thomas Edison – he was the guy that invented […]