A Makers Guidebook to Full-time Success

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I’m guessing you’re here because you have a passion for making beautiful, functional things, and you want to make that passion your full-time income. But you just don’t know quite how to get from A to B. A being creative, making your beautiful work, B turning it into the full-time business. Actually you might think […]

Money Motivation

Is money part of your creative motivation?

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In these times of financial daze, or maybe I should just say that people have a harder time grabbing the cash in their pockets and spending it on something from the top section of Marslow’s pyramid of needs, where most creatives have their offerings(!) – there’s a tendency amongst the creative people to focus on […]


Perfectionism – good or bad for business?

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May 16th: I’m planning the launch of my new website, the one that’s going to host the universe about ending the starving artist era. There’s going to be tips about how to boost your business as a creative solo-preneur, a makers confessions blog section about all aspects of being a designer-maker, crafter and creative such […]