Being generous with your work is owning it

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In this past week I’ve encountered two different aspects of misconceived generosity. Which made me think that maybe we need to talk more about being generous with our information, not solely for the sake of helping others, but because it’s good for business too. If you know me, the word transparency won’t surprise you. It’s […]

An opportunity for funding creativity

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I recently updated my about-page on the website, and I have a section in there that I want to go a little deeper into. It’s an opportunity to get funding for your creative project that’s so good I just had to write a post about it. Here’s what I wrote on the page: The world […]


How to get more publicity

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Do you find it disturbing when a stylist calls and asks you to borrow pieces or email some images? The other day I had a phone call from a journalist chasing images for an article in a magazine. He had a whole list of crafts people to phone, because he hadn’t received their images yet, […]