Why reinvent the wheel?

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When I’m about to start a new project, one that requires new designs, I’m often hit by doubts. Not in my ability as a designer-maker, but more in terms of ‘Who needs another _____?’ Haven’t we got enough spoons, bowls, bags, belts, jewellery, mugs, scarf’s, hats, clothes, shoes, you name it already? And how would […]


What If? After your pitch is sent…

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Last week I showed you a way to approach pitching your work. We looked at: How to see it as a creative project instead of pitching or selling. That you need to do your research about who you are pitching to, so it makes sense and you’re a potential good fit. And last what to […]


How to Pitch Your Ideas, Craft or Art

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Have you ever let the fear of rejection or being turned down, hold you back from asking a particular (or maybe just any) shop, gallery, web shop to stock your work? Pitching your work to anyone is scary – I find it scary! It takes you outside your comfort zone, because it requires you to […]


A Makers Guidebook to Full-time Success

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I’m guessing you’re here because you have a passion for making beautiful, functional things, and you want to make that passion your full-time income. But you just don’t know quite how to get from A to B. A being creative, making your beautiful work, B turning it into the full-time business. Actually you might think […]

Wholesale and Retail Explained

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When you calculate the price for your work, have you ever wondered what exactly the difference is between wholesale and retail price? I know I have, and even if it seems like a straight forward concept, it’s still complicated when you have to deal with it in real life. Are you robbing yourself for profit? […]

The free and fun ways to get exposure

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I want to talk about how you can use your closest network to get exposure of your work. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s super simple. I want to tell you a quick story: When my dad retired, he thought he was going to live the easy life: spend time in his garden, fixing the […]

Can you run out of ideas?

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I was watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk the other day, the one where she talks about creative inspiration as something divine. Something that comes to us. I really enjoyed her talk and I love her humour, but I only partly agree with her. I think inspiration starts out as being something we ‘get’, something that […]

A Pricing Peptalk [video]

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How do you get confident about your prices? If you think your time, skills and work is valuable – guess what? Then people will see it as valuable as well. If you have a hard time believing that someone would pay good money for something you’ve made – then others will too. When you’ve done […]

3 unusual reasons for using upcycling in your work

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Upcycling, recycling, reclaimed, saved, recovered or second hand all describe the same idea, that of taking things we’ve already used and transforming it into something new. I think it’s a beautiful idea, especially because we are literally overflowing our planet with crap. This isn’t a blog post where I’m going to preach about why recycling […]