Metamorphing your business

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  • change or cause to change completely in form or nature

Metamorphing might be a strong word to use about business, as I see it more like a slow development, than rapid change. But nonetheless change.

You start out with a passion, an idea – you go for your dream, and then somewhere along the way you develop different skills, new ideas and other opportunities turn up, so you readjust your course.

It’s difficult to see looking ahead, what your course will be, but often looking back, the choices you made make sense.

Business is never a straight line, especially a creative one. You develop your expression, your range of work, you work differently in your material and you change the functionality, add new product lines and discontinue others as time goes. It’s natural, because as I talked about in this post, the world around you develop as well and you and your work accommodate that.


My own journey

Last year I closed my silversmithing business, and birthed the idea to a new creative project called MadefromCrap. I had a brief break from writing here while I was designing organic cakes, and on my return created the Perfect Pricing E-Course.

Now I feel there’s need for a new change. As much as I enjoy sharing everything I know about having and growing a creative business, I’ve felt my designing & making fingers itch. I’m sure you can relate to that:)

So, here’s my plan. Since I let go of my silversmithing, I’ve had numerous ideas of what to do with my creative talent – in lack of better words – how to express myself. I feel like I could take each of those ideas and do a whole degree based on them – all over again. Researching, analysing, finalising and developing those ideas. MadefromCrap is one of those good ideas, but it needs time to mature, before I really release it to the world.

So all that’s really happening is that my focus is slightly changing, from very creative business orientated to creativity orientated with a hint of making your creative passion your business. In other words I’ll be focusing more on the creative process – because that’s where I am at the moment.