When to say no

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You’ve got a product, something you’re making, producing or crafting, it’s going okay. You’re selling, people are interested in what you’re doing and you get offered opportunities. You’re flattered by the offers, and feel inclined to accept them all, because it’s amazing that people like your work and you find it hard to say no. […]

Are you crazy busy, finding it hard to keep up and say no?

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You’re so busy! You’re busy working on projects, keeping up with orders, preparing for shows, exhibitions and opportunities. This is good. It’s good to be busy in your business, it means people like what you’re doing, they are buying, ordering and showing your work. And you’re happy about that, because you want to explore all […]

How to get more time

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Yesterday I asked this question on Facebook: “What is the Number One “thing” that would solve your biggest struggle right now?” And guess what the majority answered? More time! I’m not a time management expert, but I want to share my best strategies and tolls on how to get things done. But before we go […]

How to eat an elephant [free worksheet]

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Recently I’ve been having so many ideas about big things I want to create. I’m writing them all down, mapping them out while I have the inspiration, so I won’t forget them. By now I have a very, very big idea bank. Some of my ideas are designed, ready to just do! But then I […]


Perfectionism – good or bad for business?

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May 16th: I’m planning the launch of my new website, the one that’s going to host the universe about ending the starving artist era. There’s going to be tips about how to boost your business as a creative solo-preneur, a makers confessions blog section about all aspects of being a designer-maker, crafter and creative such […]