How to eat an elephant [free worksheet]

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Recently I’ve been having so many ideas about big things I want to create. I’m writing them all down, mapping them out while I have the inspiration, so I won’t forget them. By now I have a very, very big idea bank. Some of my ideas are designed, ready to just do! But then I […]

Lets start an Innovation!

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As a designer – silversmith I like to think of my work as part of something that can change the world. Not in a “I’m going to invent the wheel” kind of way, but in a “I’m observant and note new tendencies in society, and use them to create new solutions” kind of way. We […]

Why open design briefs are not always the easiest

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There are many different design brief scenarios. And by brief I mean ‘a short statement, summary or instructions given about a specific task or job’ (in this case designing something) – to put it a bit dictionary like. For example: you could have been given an assignment to design something. Depending on who gave you […]