A Makers Guidebook to Full-time Success

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I’m guessing you’re here because you have a passion for making beautiful, functional things, and you want to make that passion your full-time income. But you just don’t know quite how to get from A to B. A being creative, making your beautiful work, B turning it into the full-time business. Actually you might think […]


How to be a newsletter pro.

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Let’s get a bit technical about newsletters. When you’ve figured out what to write about, how and who you’re writing to, you need to make it look professional as well. Let’s dive in!   Design. Make sure your newsletter has the same branding and over all feel as your website, letter head, postcards etc. Use […]


How to cure newsletter procrastination in 5 minutes!

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Imaging you’re sitting in front of your computer – you’re about to write a newsletter. You have your topic – you know your stuff, but you’re hands are clammy and you’re not sure what words to use, it’s like the sentences keep coming out the wrong way. That was me a year ago – I […]


What news you should write about in your newsletter!

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Do you have an email list of customers and people interested in your work? Do you write newsletters to your email list regularly? Let me be completely straight with you – I have had a list ever since I started silversmithing, and I’ve never known what to do with it! I never quite knew exactly […]