How to get in inspiration mode

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When you have made the transition from making and creating as a hobby into something you get paid for, i.e. a business, there’s suddenly a different kind of pressure on you. You need to produce new work to show that you develop, and for that new work you need inspiration. Getting inspired is probably one […]


How to Pitch Your Ideas, Craft or Art

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Have you ever let the fear of rejection or being turned down, hold you back from asking a particular (or maybe just any) shop, gallery, web shop to stock your work? Pitching your work to anyone is scary – I find it scary! It takes you outside your comfort zone, because it requires you to […]

Are you crazy busy, finding it hard to keep up and say no?

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You’re so busy! You’re busy working on projects, keeping up with orders, preparing for shows, exhibitions and opportunities. This is good. It’s good to be busy in your business, it means people like what you’re doing, they are buying, ordering and showing your work. And you’re happy about that, because you want to explore all […]

How to get more time

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Yesterday I asked this question on Facebook: “What is the Number One “thing” that would solve your biggest struggle right now?” And guess what the majority answered? More time! I’m not a time management expert, but I want to share my best strategies and tolls on how to get things done. But before we go […]

How to turn proven methods into your own

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This past week I caught myself wasting a lot of time. I normally don’t think of anything in terms of wasted time – but as lessons learned. Which will always benefit me. But this week it felt different, because I should know this by now. I’ll tell you what happened. I’m in the creative process […]


My top 3 tips on how to be more creative

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I’m going to just cut right to the point and ask you: How much time have you spend last week getting lost in creation, putting ideas and concepts together in a new way? In other words: do you spend as much time as you’d like on being creative? And I’m not talking making, creating something […]


What is creativity?

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I often hear people say that they don’t possess the power of creativity. ‘Oh, but I’m not creative!’  It makes me a bit sad when people say that – because what does it mean to be creative? It seems to me many people link it to being able to make something with you hands – […]


How to make your statement matter

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Just after New Years Eve, there’s always a lot of talk about new years resolutions, and it’s a time filled with plans for the year to come. I personally don’t do resolutions any more. Not that they don’t work if you plan them out well! I just do something a little bit different instead.   […]