expand your creativity with limitations

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I’ve been very occupied with simplicity lately. Scaling back, getting to the core of  things in order to focus on the important stuff. The motivation is to build a healthy momentum, and avoid getting stressed out. In todays world there are so many things that claim our attention – especially as we have two kinds […]

Are you crazy busy, finding it hard to keep up and say no?

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You’re so busy! You’re busy working on projects, keeping up with orders, preparing for shows, exhibitions and opportunities. This is good. It’s good to be busy in your business, it means people like what you’re doing, they are buying, ordering and showing your work. And you’re happy about that, because you want to explore all […]

How to get more time

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Yesterday I asked this question on Facebook: “What is the Number One “thing” that would solve your biggest struggle right now?” And guess what the majority answered? More time! I’m not a time management expert, but I want to share my best strategies and tolls on how to get things done. But before we go […]

When attention to detail becomes an obsession

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I want to start today’s post with a quote I have found very useful lately. ‘Don’t let perfection become procrastination.’ Danielle LaPorte A natural part of getting more and more skilled at a craft or art form is that you become better at spotting the ‘mistakes’. Your eye gets trained in seeing the parts where […]

How to eat an elephant [free worksheet]

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Recently I’ve been having so many ideas about big things I want to create. I’m writing them all down, mapping them out while I have the inspiration, so I won’t forget them. By now I have a very, very big idea bank. Some of my ideas are designed, ready to just do! But then I […]


Get organised now!

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Today I’m going to share a task management tool with you, for all the other tasks you need to get done. I know there are loads of tools, systems and apps out there for managing your todo’s – but what makes this one different, is that it’s simple, easy to use and free! I have […]


My top 3 tips on how to be more creative

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I’m going to just cut right to the point and ask you: How much time have you spend last week getting lost in creation, putting ideas and concepts together in a new way? In other words: do you spend as much time as you’d like on being creative? And I’m not talking making, creating something […]


How to make your statement matter

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Just after New Years Eve, there’s always a lot of talk about new years resolutions, and it’s a time filled with plans for the year to come. I personally don’t do resolutions any more. Not that they don’t work if you plan them out well! I just do something a little bit different instead.   […]

How are you practicing your creative muscle?

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If you’re an artist, a designer or craftsman, you’re probably trying to make a living from your ideas. Getting really top quality ideas – every time – can be challenging, especially if you’re only relying on inspiration. I’d like to share a quote with you from Thomas Edison – he was the guy that invented […]

Why open design briefs are not always the easiest

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There are many different design brief scenarios. And by brief I mean ‘a short statement, summary or instructions given about a specific task or job’ (in this case designing something) – to put it a bit dictionary like. For example: you could have been given an assignment to design something. Depending on who gave you […]