Why reinvent the wheel?

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When I’m about to start a new project, one that requires new designs, I’m often hit by doubts. Not in my ability as a designer-maker, but more in terms of ‘Who needs another _____?’ Haven’t we got enough spoons, bowls, bags, belts, jewellery, mugs, scarf’s, hats, clothes, shoes, you name it already? And how would […]


A Makers Guidebook to Full-time Success

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I’m guessing you’re here because you have a passion for making beautiful, functional things, and you want to make that passion your full-time income. But you just don’t know quite how to get from A to B. A being creative, making your beautiful work, B turning it into the full-time business. Actually you might think […]

How to turn proven methods into your own

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This past week I caught myself wasting a lot of time. I normally don’t think of anything in terms of wasted time – but as lessons learned. Which will always benefit me. But this week it felt different, because I should know this by now. I’ll tell you what happened. I’m in the creative process […]

Design thinking is your strongest business tool

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If you know what you own design foundation, principle or truth is, then knowing the why’s, how’s and what’s of your business will be a lot easier. One of the main reasons I chose to go to college, rather than becoming an apprentice, when I started training to become a designer-maker, was because I not […]

The smartest design move you can make for your creative business.

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I bet you’re a multi passionate creator like me? I like making lot’s of different things, with different functions, different styles, using different materials, techniques and approaches. The variety of what I’m creating is what keeps me going, what keeps me from boredom, and brings new inspiration into my work. We as humans, naturally have […]

Making that Matters

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For quite some time I’ve been thinking about how makers (people like me, who design and make things) have a responsibility towards what we make. That what we make, add up in the grand scheme of our planet, our eco system and how we live our lives. That what we make matters. There’s so much […]


How do you know if you can sell your pieces?

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Do you ever get doubts about whether you can sell your pieces? I mean, if anyone would actually like what you’ve created enough to buy it? If you’re designing things that you like – then how do you know if you can sell them? Should you be designing for your customer or for you? Actually […]


Why it’s important you design

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I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about if the designs and pieces you’re creating makes a difference? I do from time to time. I sometimes take myself in comparing the importance of what I’m doing, to …. say a doctor! Ever been there? I can’t recommend going there – at all! It’s not a healthy […]


3 simple tips to spice up your designs – part I

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The basic ingredient most people know, but often forget to use. A couple of weeks back, I was preparing my usual dough for the bread I bake every week. My mind was on all the other things I had going on in my life, so I wasn’t really focusing on the task I was doing. […]

The Design Process

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Did you ever wonder what the design process might look like? Well, I’ve given it a go in this little animation, explaining the different stages you go through from before the idea all the way through to finished design.   Click here to tweet about it!