expand your creativity with limitations

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I’ve been very occupied with simplicity lately. Scaling back, getting to the core of  things in order to focus on the important stuff. The motivation is to build a healthy momentum, and avoid getting stressed out. In todays world there are so many things that claim our attention – especially as we have two kinds […]

ongoing process

Everything is just part of a process

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about goals – maybe it’s the winter approaching and my need for status that has brought this on – who knows. The need for goals, measurable targets, end destinations to plan my journeys both in life and my creative work, is a theme for me. I don’t know how […]

Why reinvent the wheel?

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When I’m about to start a new project, one that requires new designs, I’m often hit by doubts. Not in my ability as a designer-maker, but more in terms of ‘Who needs another _____?’ Haven’t we got enough spoons, bowls, bags, belts, jewellery, mugs, scarf’s, hats, clothes, shoes, you name it already? And how would […]

Can you run out of ideas?

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I was watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk the other day, the one where she talks about creative inspiration as something divine. Something that comes to us. I really enjoyed her talk and I love her humour, but I only partly agree with her. I think inspiration starts out as being something we ‘get’, something that […]

What if marketing was easy?

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I’m inviting you to go on a little thought experiment with me today – I hope you’re game, because I think you might see the whole marketing-thing from a different angle. I know marketing and selling isn’t your favourite words in the world – but please don’t click away – just stay with me for […]

When attention to detail becomes an obsession

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I want to start today’s post with a quote I have found very useful lately. ‘Don’t let perfection become procrastination.’ Danielle LaPorte A natural part of getting more and more skilled at a craft or art form is that you become better at spotting the ‘mistakes’. Your eye gets trained in seeing the parts where […]

How to eat an elephant [free worksheet]

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Recently I’ve been having so many ideas about big things I want to create. I’m writing them all down, mapping them out while I have the inspiration, so I won’t forget them. By now I have a very, very big idea bank. Some of my ideas are designed, ready to just do! But then I […]


Discovering a different design parameter

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I consider myself quite a confident designer. But I’ve found that changing industry has introduced me to a design parameter I’ve never used before – putting me in a in a slightly new and insecure place. It’s now two weeks since I started my new job as a cake designer & baker at a local […]

Money Motivation

Is money part of your creative motivation?

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In these times of financial daze, or maybe I should just say that people have a harder time grabbing the cash in their pockets and spending it on something from the top section of Marslow’s pyramid of needs, where most creatives have their offerings(!) – there’s a tendency amongst the creative people to focus on […]