expand your creativity with limitations

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I’ve been very occupied with simplicity lately. Scaling back, getting to the core of  things in order to focus on the important stuff. The motivation is to build a healthy momentum, and avoid getting stressed out. In todays world there are so many things that claim our attention – especially as we have two kinds […]

Can you run out of ideas?

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I was watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk the other day, the one where she talks about creative inspiration as something divine. Something that comes to us. I really enjoyed her talk and I love her humour, but I only partly agree with her. I think inspiration starts out as being something we ‘get’, something that […]

3 simple tips to spice up your designs – part II

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When I was designing the final peices for Bachelor degree at Konstfack university in Stockholm, I remember having a kind of going round in circles moment – well it was more like a week than a moment – and it was really frustrating. I kept drawing the same shape over, and over, and over again. […]


3 simple tips to spice up your designs – part I

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The basic ingredient most people know, but often forget to use. A couple of weeks back, I was preparing my usual dough for the bread I bake every week. My mind was on all the other things I had going on in my life, so I wasn’t really focusing on the task I was doing. […]