A Makers Guidebook to Full-time Success

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I’m guessing you’re here because you have a passion for making beautiful, functional things, and you want to make that passion your full-time income. But you just don’t know quite how to get from A to B.

A being creative, making your beautiful work, B turning it into the full-time business.

Actually you might think you haven’t got it in you – the business skills, you being a creative and all.

This is where I come in – so you’ve totally come to the right place!

Let me tell you a couple of things:
The business doesn’t happen by itself, you need to make it happen.
No, you’re not going to get discovered by just doing great work – though doing great work helps.
And Yes, you can totally make it happen – the successful full-time passion business.

All you need to do is learn how.

Learning business is like learning a skill – any skill. It has nothing to do with numbers(you can get an accountant for that), it’s not a talent you need or something you were born to do or not – but it has everything to do with just being you, communicating your awesome creative talents in an authentic way (which you are already doing in your creative work).

You just need to think about it from a different angle, that’s all. To help you get started on this, I’ve put together all the best advice I know. I’ve made it into a guidebook with step by step methods, pdf worksheets, concrete examples, videos and extra resources.

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In this guidebook I’ll show you how you can use your creative talents to make your business grow.

  • I’m going to help you find you inner artist, the one that leads your creative work.
  • I’ll show you my 5 step design process, to create products that make you shine and your customers happy.
  • I’ll help you find your dream customers and how you can design an authentic experience that will make them buy more of your work.





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