3 simple tips to spice up your design – part III

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I’m a techy!

There – I said it out loud.

I love technical challenges, whether it’s silversmithing techniques or computer-web-tech-stuff.

Not to say that I’m an expert in either – far from, but I just like challenging myself technically, broaden my horizon, learn new ways to do things.

My last tip in this series about how you can spice up your design – is about technique.

(if you missed the other two tips, you can find them here: Tip I – Define the core problem, Tip II – Explore the form)


Tip III – Challenge your technique.

So, you can use your technique to push your design, if you try to think outside of what you know and have been taught as the ‘right’ way.

A good starting point is to look at other materials and see how they are used. Get inspiration from other industries, or maybe take a look at natures way of constructing.

No matter what material you work in, I’m sure you can find a slightly different way of making, that challenges the techniques you already know and use.

This can actually be quite difficult to practise, as we’re not use to thinking about our making process as a design development tool. But here’s a good exercise to get you going:

Try making a lot of material/technical samples, with the intent to see how many different ways you can create a three-dimensional shape in your material. Don’t edit yourself, just make it your goal to explore all the possibilities, and make as many as you can.

Here’s a few examples that might inspire you, they just images that came up during a google image search…


















































This rounds up my 3 simple tips to spice up your design.

Leave a comment below and tell me how you push your design – I’d love to know.

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