Are you telling your commission clients this one thing?

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I’m planning to create a short e-course about the art of commissioning. The course would be $15 and cover the communication process with clients, how to price, make estimates and proposals and what systems to use to setup a work flow for commissioning clients. If you are interested in buying such a course, please sign up below and I’ll […]


Love what you do

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Today I want to talk to you about loving what you do, about seeing it in a broader perspective. I recently read this quote from Seth Godin: Instead of, ‘do what you love’ perhaps the more effective mantra for the entrepreneur… might be, ‘love what you do’. It made me think about how there are […]


expand your creativity with limitations

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I’ve been very occupied with simplicity lately. Scaling back, getting to the core of  things in order to focus on the important stuff. The motivation is to build a healthy momentum, and avoid getting stressed out. In todays world there are so many things that claim our attention – especially as we have two kinds […]

Mini guide to online selling platforms

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We all know that having a presence online is a good thing that can help our creative business in terms of marketing, visibility and selling. I know I’ve preached how important your online presence is and how big a difference it can make on the bottom line if you have a good website, let alone […]


Being generous with your work is owning it

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In this past week I’ve encountered two different aspects of misconceived generosity. Which made me think that maybe we need to talk more about being generous with our information, not solely for the sake of helping others, but because it’s good for business too. If you know me, the word transparency won’t surprise you. It’s […]

ongoing process

Everything is just part of a process

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about goals – maybe it’s the winter approaching and my need for status that has brought this on – who knows. The need for goals, measurable targets, end destinations to plan my journeys both in life and my creative work, is a theme for me. I don’t know how […]


The secret ingredient that will boost your creative work

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Today I want to talk about how you can take your creative work to the next level by adding a secret ingredient. But first I want to brake down creativity and the creative process a bit, because I often see and hear creativity being used in many different situations. Just so we’re on the same […]


How to get in inspiration mode

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When you have made the transition from making and creating as a hobby into something you get paid for, i.e. a business, there’s suddenly a different kind of pressure on you. You need to produce new work to show that you develop, and for that new work you need inspiration. Getting inspired is probably one […]

Metamorphing your business

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Metamorphosis change or cause to change completely in form or nature Metamorphing might be a strong word to use about business, as I see it more like a slow development, than rapid change. But nonetheless change. You start out with a passion, an idea – you go for your dream, and then somewhere along the […]

When to say no

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You’ve got a product, something you’re making, producing or crafting, it’s going okay. You’re selling, people are interested in what you’re doing and you get offered opportunities. You’re flattered by the offers, and feel inclined to accept them all, because it’s amazing that people like your work and you find it hard to say no. […]